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Lead with intelligence

We believe that a genuinely engaging and productive relationship can only begin when you exchange new ideas for a better tomorrow.
 Draup Careers

Lead with growth

We value talent and take care of our people. Our timely, transparent, and non-biased appraisals ensure that you keep moving up the career ladder in proportion to your contributions to the company's growth.

Lead with excellence

When we see the potential in an idea, we do not hesitate to take it forward. If you like to think of solutions that can make tomorrow a better and smarter place, we look forward to hearing from you.

Lead with diversity

  • Our 200 strong workforce is built from the ground up with diversity & inclusivity in mind. We are passionate about providing opportunities for skilled candidates regardless of institutional pedigree.
  • Draup's employee-centric policies are designed to make you feel accepted & empowered.

Our Teams

Build an Amazing Data Product

The best tech-brains are here at Draup, building brilliant AI-driven Sales Enablement and Talent Intelligence platforms. We leverage the power of the latest technologies, big data, and machine learning models to enable top-notch enterprise decision-making practices.
Our elite engineers build the most intelligent AI-driven Sales Enablement and Talent Intelligence platforms by leveraging the power of the latest technologies, big data, and machine learning models.
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Diversity in careers
Our data, strategy, and sourcing specialists prudently source data by working closely with the technology and consulting teams to articulate real-world business problems and build insightful business stories in the platform.
Our subject-matter experts from diverse industry and technology backgrounds solve complex real-world problems and drive 360-degree growth for our clients by working directly with Draup's leadership and clients' C-suite executives.

Lead with benefits

At Draup, it’s not just about work.
Mental and Physical well-being
We do not shy away from speaking about mental health. We are always paying attention to the overall well-being of our people.
Medical Insurance
We offer comprehensive medical insurance for our employees.
Flexible work timings
Our flexible work timings for the new normal landscape allows you to have a fair work-life balance.
Ideation and Incubation
Brainstorming forever, we don’t just talk, we Tech-Talk!
Academic Enrichment
Dive into the ocean of learning with unlimited resource subscriptions
Sports Club
Cricket, Football, Badminton and Foosball are no longer just a high school trend

Lead with fun

We enhance motivation, increase productivity, and improve job satisfaction through engaging team gatherings and fun activities.